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Bulldog Edition, Ace Hotel

London, United Kingdom

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch hangs its hat in London's most creative, engaged district. A hub for galleries, theatre and design, Shoreditch is home to the Brick Lane Market, landmark creatives and renegade artists from around the world. The neighbourhood's legacy includes theatres running banned 16th century plays, the debut of drag pioneer Hetty King and the first rumbles of industrialized craft in the Western Hemisphere. Today, it's a place where art, design, culinary innovation, culture and tech gather and phosphoresce from the heat of collaboration, inspiration and a soft spot for the future.

Bulldog Edition is Ace Hotel Shoreditch's neighborhood café. Coffee comes by the magicians at Square Mile Coffee Roasters, who bring near-obsessive attention to detail in their search for the very best beans in the world.

Executive chef Simon Gregory presides over a selection of sandwiches, pastries and cakes freshly made in our own kitchen. An ever-changing assortment of doughnuts have hula hooped a devoted following in Shoreditch and beyond.

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  • Square Mile coffee trainings
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