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Saint Espresso

London, United Kingdom

At Saint Espresso our approach is simple: we endeavour to serve the best tasting espresso's and espresso based drinks every time. The name Saint Espresso was inspired by the location of our first shop and a commitment to serve great coffee.

In order to achieve this we use the highest quality industry equipment, from our scales, grinders and all the way to our custom designed La Marzocco Strada EP and Linea PB's. Our baristas are all fully trained professionals with years of experience in the specialty coffee industry.

At Saint Espresso, we roast our own coffee every week using a Giesen W15. By using a range of green coffee importers, we are given the ability to select those beans that are harvested with the highest degree of care, processed with passion, have the best flavours & come from ethical farms that look after their workers. To ensure a consistency in the flavour profile from each batch of coffee roasted, our team at the roastery will cup and score each batch on its flavour/aroma, taste, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance & sweetness. By having a strict quality control process in place, we can be sure that every bag of coffee we use and every bag of coffee we sell, is as good as it gets!

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