How to hire the best staff for your coffee business

Hiring the best Baristas and team members for your coffee business is not an easy task as there are many challenges that have to be faced and sorted. Staff availability, experience and retention are just a few of the obstacles that separates business owners from the perfect team. These are a couple of tips that will help you get more applications to choose the ideal candidates for any given vacancy.

Company Profile

Letting know potential employees who you are, where can you be found, what equipment do you have available and which coffees do you use can raise interest and excitement for your business. When opening an account at the Coffee Jobs Board, you can fill in your company profile with all of these details and add a couple of images so candidates can have this information available to get acquainted with you.

Job Offer

You want to attract the most talented and friendly people for your business, likely so, the job offer is a window or a first glance at what your business is about and what would it mean to work in it. So being as clear as possible and reflecting the business values and spirit is important.

To begin building a compelling job offer, the title for the role offered should go a little beyond the job title itself. Instead of just promoting your Barista opening with just Barista, you can go the extra mile and raise a little interest in the advert by giving a little bit more detail in the title: Friendly Experienced Barista for an exciting new café in London. After all, you want to get attention and views to get more applications to chose from.

Now that the job title has been dialled in, the next step is to build a strong and appealing job description. The first step is to profile the skill sets necessary for the job by using the Barista and Management skills options given in the job description form. This way, we can help you filter and match the best candidates for the role in your dashboard for your review.

Next, fill in the job description with a friendly and close language to build rapport with potential staff members. You can always begin with a small introduction of your business to give some context of where the role is going to be at. Applicants can always look to your business profile for further information.

Share which are the role’s tasks, responsibilities and expectations to cater only to those that are willing and able to execute them.  If training or job perks can be offered, list them, as well as benefits and other conditions (paid vacations and time, training aid, travel, etc). Equally as important, if the role allows for growth and career development, this should be mentioned and briefly described.

Additional, but often overlooked, details can also increase the amount and quality of applications received. If possible, disclose the complete or salary range offered, shift times, locations that a role has to cover.

Finally, be clear if there are some application requirements or instructions that you need candidates to fulfil – i.e, if a cover letter is mandatory, application deadlines, answer a questionnaire or even the type of files submitted (PDF documents only for example).

Applications review

You will receive every application received to your advert directly to your email address for your records. However, the best way to review incoming applications is through your dashboard by checking how each application ranked according to the skill set necessary for the job. This way you can save time and focus mostly in the cover letter and CVs of in those candidates that best suits the role’s needs.

Once you have narrowed down the best candidates, you can go to the next steps in your hiring process whether they are interviews or trial shifts. We’ll cover this in the next blog entry.

The Coffee Jobs Board Team

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