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CanDo Coffee

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CanDo is a philosophy. A philosophy based on the universal human instinct to persevere with grit and tenacity. We are an organisation that is built on this ideology, supporting those who today believe they can do whatever it takes to progress, even when others think they can’t. Everything we do is about creating progress, through social encouragement, unconditional support and opportunities for growth. CanDo is a Foundation that is comprised of both a social and a commercial element. In 2012, we established CanDo Coffee - a specialty coffee business to firstly provide employment and development opportunities to our members, and secondly to fund the social element that is maintains our identity. We currently have 2 units in Paddington and a Cafe in West Brompton, due to open in November 2017. We are looking for the next group of Can-Doers, who are ready to show the world that they Can and Will. We look forward to hearing your story.

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